Facial Myths

5 of the Biggest Facial Myths, Busted!

Myth 1 - They are super expensive

Facial Treatments do not need to break the bank. We offer three categories of facials that range in price from $65 to $150. All levels include skin analysis, luxurious, carefully selected products & lymphatic facial massage. There is no sacrifice to quality. The only difference is the number of products, steps and the overall duration of the service.

Myth 2 - Facials are painful

Facials are one of the most calming and relaxing treatments you can get! Aside from a bit of discomfort from the extractions, 95% of the processes and techniques involved will feel soothing and relaxing. Including a satisfying exfoliation, comforting hot towels, facial, neck and hand massage.

Myth 3 - You'll need downtime after the service

All of our facials and extras are designed so you can carry on with your day. None of our facials require any downtime. In fact, in non-pandemic times we even offer a Light Mineral Make-Up application add-on, so you can run to your next meeting, event or appointment looking refreshed and ready to rock.

Myth 4 - One facial treatment will cure all our skincare concerns.

Facials, similar to other beauty and wellness services should be integrated into your monthly routine for best results. Your skin is subject to a 28 day cycle where dead skin cells are replaced with new. The steps included in most facials; cleansing, exfoliation, masking and face massage aid this cycle along, by increasing cell turnover and improving the surface of the skin. Let us work with you to develop a personalized course of treatment that fits into your budget and schedule.  

Myth 5 - The whole facial process can be intimidating

We have created a fun, approachable and inclusive environment for EVERYONE. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert regular we’ve got your needs and expectations covered. We will provide you with everything you need to make smart and informed decisions about treatments and courses of actions without giving you a hard or brassy sell.