Neurotoxins are a safe and effective treatment for temporarily reducing wrinkles in the forehead, between and around the eyes. The treatment is performed by our Nurse Injector and overseen by our Medical Director. Neurotoxins are better known by their trademark names; Dysport, Nuceiva.

$9 / unit

Learn more about neurotoxins

Amanda has a ton of experience with neurotoxins and would welcome an opportunity to discuss treatment options, suitability and any concerns you may have through one of our free consultations.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are such a great way to enhance, shape and contour your lips. They are specially formulated to be dynamic, giving you structure and volume while enhancing your natural shape. Our Nurse Injector Amanda is a lip specialist.

Half a Syringe – $360

Full Syringe – $600 

Learn more about your lip filler options.

There are a ton of options for lip fillers these days. Different products are used to achieve distinct looks. Feel free to come in and discuss these options with our Nurse Injector. She can help guide you in product choice to achieve your desired look.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a great option for treating the appearance of wrinkles, soften facial creases and deep lines as well as to soften and brighten the under eye area. They can be used to augment or restore volume and enhance facial contours. Treatment areas include cheeks, jawline, chin, forehead and the delicate under eye area.

Half Syringe – $375

Full Syringe – $625

Dermal Fillers or Laser Treatment

Interested in understanding what your best options are for improving your skin’s overall tone, laxity, volume or shape. Book a free consultation to discuss all medical aesthetic options available to you. Depending on your goals, area of concern, skin type and budget; dermal fillers, skin tightening, sub-dermal collagen remodeling or combination thereof may be best for you.

Amanda, RN

Amanda has over 10 years of nursing experience and has been working full time for a leading medical aesthetics office in Saskatoon for the past four years, perfecting her injecting skills. This beauty is passionate about providing friendly and honest experiences with injections and leaving each client feeling happy, educated and confident.


We want you to make the most informed decision about injectables possible. We offer free consultations with our nurse injectors so you can discuss all of your options, understand the products, risks and benefits of any treatment.